AWS HTTP API Gateway Metrics

I noticed when I switched from the rest API Gateway to the HTTP API Gateway that any recording of metrics or errors in cloudwatch seemed to go away. I expected things to change and I’m ok with this but I’d like to turn them back on. From the console if you click on an HTTP API gateway and look under the monitor section it has the ability to enable detailed route metrics and then redeploy your stage. Is it possible to enable this in serverless framework?

If not, does anyone know if i do this manually if it will orphan the stage from the cloud-formation template?

Welcome funkel! You should be able to add a property to turn logging on for http api under provider:

    httpApi: true

Hello @garethmcc,

This is something i have turned on already in our serverless.yml and I am posting logs to cloudwatch, although it custom log format does not seem to be working and I’m unable to collect cloudwatch metrics. The metrics piece of it on the stage seems to be disabled in the aws console and this is primarily what I’m trying to enable at this point.

If you are having an issue with the logs feature and it doesn’t seem to work, I’d recommend creating a bug for it in the official issue tracker on GitHub with as much detail as you can here:

That way the team or even just a community contributor can look into it and either guide you to a resolution or get the bug fixed.