Serverless command stop accepting command line parameters

Hello, today was released the new version of serverlless framework 2.24.0 (2021-02-16) After this update my CircleCI pipeline had broken, also heard from some colleges the same problem. It stop accepting the command line parameters, for example I do serverless deploy --force --stage pd --ONE-OF-MANY-PARAMETERS and it is saying "--ONE-OF-MANY-PARAMETERS" is not a valid sub command. Run "serverless deploy" to see a more helpful error message for this command.. Maybe cause my parameters are all uppercase?

Maybe something about this?

Maintenance Improvements
        Rely on new CLI args parser (#8927) (9e059d0) (Mariusz Nowak)
        Remove internal CLI arguments parsing (#8927) (16950d0) (Mariusz Nowak)
        Move deprecation report to init phase (#8927) (1eaa626) (Mariusz Nowak)

Still having same problem after update to 2.25.
Here is my comment on github. sls deploy with --optional_parameter doesn't work anymore · Issue #8950 · serverless/serverless · GitHub

Fixed on 2.25.1 release.