Serverless deploy failing when run from CircleCI

We use CircleCI to deploy to AWS, and suddenly today our deploy pipeline has started failing.

The deploy step is configured as:

    executor: serverless-framework/default
      - attach_workspace:
          at: .
      - aws-cli/setup
      - serverless-framework/setup
      - run:
          command: serverless deploy --stage prod --verbose
          name: deploy

The aws-cil/setup step completes, and then the “Install Serverless CLI” step, serverless-framework/setup fails with a 404.

This is happening for multiple projects/pipelines for us today.

@atharrison Can you confirm what command CircleCI uses to install Serverless Framework? Serverless Framework V4 Beta just released today so it is possible there needs to be some changes made to the way CircleCI attempts to install the framework.

We’re following CircleCI’s guide, here: CircleCI Developer Hub - circleci/serverless-framework

We’re using this orb:

  serverless-framework: circleci/serverless-framework@2.0.1

If CircleCI is installing that specific version of Serverless Framework there should be no issue since the NPM versions are all still there. You may need to get in touch with CircleCI support.

Reported the issue on CircleCI’s forum, here: Serverless deploy not working today - Deployments - CircleCI Discuss

@garethmcc it actually looks like maybe there is a URL that is being used by the CircleCI Orb that is out of date. If you could help confirm what this changed to, I will go make the change and submit the PR.

Sorry and I am being a bit presumptious that you own that domain. I see an issue they have where they potentially are showing me a bit more into who owns that short link. Not sure if that is y’all or not. Running into timeout issues when downloading Serverless cli · Issue #15 · CircleCI-Public/serverless-framework-orb · GitHub.

We will reach out to Circle but likely they are not going to be able to help either. Let me know if this all makes sense and/or you have a solve for me. Otherwise the hunt will continue.

We do own that domain, however, it would be better to install Serverless Framework using NPM instead of the domain. npm --save-dev serverless@2.0.1

Alternatively, they can change it to download directly from GitHub: serverless/scripts/pkg/ at v2 · serverless/serverless · GitHub

Thanks for the fast response @garethmcc.

Appreciate you giving us a work around for the time being. I am not a maintainer so I am not certain as to why they decided that, I will happily open a ticket and see if there is something we can help with.

I will try using the provided URL and help to get them to move off of that. Thanks again for your help!

It might just work again as it is. We updated the URL to point to the right spot in the right branch

That would be awesome if that were the case. I just retested and it isn’t working again yet but maybe y’all aren’t finished making update yet?

Hate to be a pain here @garethmcc but this is blocking our ability to release to production. Also the people who own the plugin for CircleCI haven’t responded to me yet. Do you have an ETA on when you think you will have the short URL pointed to the right place?

Hello again. We are working on restoring the link. In the meantime, can you use the link directly instead of the shortened version that points at:

The link is working again now. Apologies for the interruption

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Thank you! We’re back up and running. Appreciate your quick turnaround, especially considering timezone differences.

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