Serverless as alternative to wordpress?

Hello everyone,

I would like to build a website for something that is being promoted on facebook, yelp and other social media marketing, so mostly images.

I love hugo framework but coming from server management background I don’t want to deal with design.
Is there a way that I could setup front end (some WYSIWYG) so someone else could takeover and manage it?

What I was thinking of doing is to:

  • put hugo+frontend on ec2 but that’s not really serverless.

Is there really wordpress alternative in serverless world or it’s too early yet?

Thank you

I haven’t seen any fully baked wordpress like solutions out there but checkout our site: it’s built with and hosted on a CDN via netlify.

We are using auth0 for user login/auth stuff and have a couple of serverless functions handling various web tasks.

One thing that I’m looking into is an admin like interface for the static site by using:

I highly recommend checking out the CRUD example

You can start to see how you could use serverless functions to recreate the wordpress admin backend.

It’s a bit more complicated than Wordpress but you could use a static site generator like Jekyll. I’ve seen sites using it handed over to non-technical staff inside marketing and design departments with a bit of training.

Jekyll is a good option too.

I love b/c I can use all my react components for the site =)

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I invite you to take a look at my latest open source project

It is a blogging platform based on AWS Lambda. Unlike static site generators you can:

  • setup your HTML templates
  • write posts in web editor
  • have a contact form

This is for now but I plan to add other stuff as well :slight_smile:

What’s the differences from