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Hi All,

I would like to start a blog / website the would be hosted serverlessly on AWS. I would love to use framework.

Any help regarding links to resources, plugins, sample configuration will be appreciated.

Ideally, I would like following characteristics:

  • hosted on S3
  • via CloudFront
  • on domain set up in Route53
  • written in any language, preferably JS

A blog can be dynamic (ie. database) or static (posts are written offline, a new version of website uploaded to S3 with each new post).

Yan Cui did something with Shifter:

Also, there are some new Serverless CMS projects out there. I don’t know how far along they are.

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Thanks @jeremydaly I will check that link.

Right now I’m looking at and tutorial at I will try to find out how easy it is to integrate simple lambda functions (i.e. mail list subscribe function).

This does not use but end result looks ok.

Also, I was thinking of writing Serverless Component, but I couldn’t manage to deploy and gave up.

I decided that I will go with