Problem with version 1.33: serverless deploy fails with strange error

Using AWS codepipeline + codebuild to invoke serverless. We usually install the latest using “npm install -g serverless”. Today the build failed with this error:

Running command serverless deploy --verbose --stage $STAGE --region us-east-1 --unitTest true

Serverless command “deploy devUnitTest” not found. Did you mean “deploy”? Run “serverless help” for a list of all available commands.

Reverting to 1.32 appears to work. Wondering if this is related to our use of plugins or ?? any clues appreciated.

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I have this problem too on my Gitlab CI pipelines.

right after npm i -g serverless
command `serverless deploy --stage=staging ----aws-s3-accelerate
transforms to “deploy LS1hd3MtczMtYWNjZWxlcmF0ZQ==”

–stage=staging disappears and —aws-s3-accelerate transforms to base64!

some kind of evil magic…

I’m seeing the same issue.

Without digging too far, I can see that it isn’t handling the --stage correctly. I’ve reverted to 1.32 and things work fine.

I created an issue:

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Thanks. I also reverted to 1.32.0 so I could get past the build issue.