Serverless not updating but no errors

Getting a strange issue on a deployment, where deploy appears to be work but it doesn’t, and the time is 0ms.

Running command ok && node_modules/serverless/bin/serverless.js deploy --stage=dev

Deploying api-myservice to stage dev (us-east-1)

✔ Service deployed to stack api-myservice (0s)

1 deprecation found: run 'serverless doctor' for more details

[Container] 2022/02/23 21:28:19

This is output from code pipeline/codebuild on AWS that is deploying and it’s been working all this time but now has stopped mysteriously. I have tried downgrading to the last v2 of serverless or tried updating to 3.3.30 and nothing made a difference. If it didn’t work I would expect error output but I have nothing. --verbose does not change the output at all, same thing.

it appears this was a plugin serverless-cloudmap which was breaking deploy yet providing no error info