Newbie on azure

Hi all, newbie here!

I am trying to configure serverless with azure (I know AWS but not Azure) following the instructions of Serverless Framework - Azure Functions Guide - Quick Start and I get some permission errors (see below). Do you have any idea of what I may be doing wrong?

    az login # this opens a browser window, where I can login with no issues
        "cloudName": "AzureCloud",
        "homeTenantId": "8cf3ba61-43c6-4ec1-885a-AAAAAAAAA",
        "id": "17ea22dc-be7d-4e76-b562-BBBBBBBBBB",
        "isDefault": true,
        "managedByTenants": [],
        "name": "Azure subscription 1",
        "state": "Enabled",
        "tenantId": "8cf3ba61-43c6-4ec1-885a-AAAAAAAAA",
        "user": {
        "name": "info@CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC",
        "type": "user"

    az ad sp create-for-rbac --name serverless_azure
    "appId": "e2ba8b36-354d-4a28-b377-DDDDDDDDD",
    "displayName": "serverless_azure",
    "tenant": "8cf3ba61-43c6-4ec1-885a-AAAAAAAAA"

    export AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_ID='17ea22dc-be7d-4e76-b562-BBBBBBBBBB'
    export AZURE_TENANT_ID='8cf3ba61-43c6-4ec1-885a-AAAAAAAAA'
    export AZURE_CLIENT_ID='e2ba8b36-354d-4a28-b377-DDDDDDDDD'
    serverless deploy

    Error: The client '04cb0ae7-fd56-4998-bf0e-FFFFFFFFFFFFF' with object id '04cb0ae7-fd56-4998-bf0e-FFFFFFFFFFFFF' does not have authorization to perform action 'Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resourcegroups/write' over scope '/subscriptions/17ea22dc-be7d-4e76-b562-BBBBBBBBBB/resourcegroups/sls-weur-dev-serverless-azure-rg' or the scope is invalid. If access was recently granted, please refresh your credentials.