How do I use the Serverless Framework in an Azure DevOps Build Pipeline without Browser Authentication?

I’m trying to deploy the simple NodeJS hello-world functions the Serverless Framework provides to my Azure free-tier account from an Azure DevOps Build Pipeline using the Service Principal credentials I created when making the deployment from my desktop originally. I’ve used several of the Build Agents and Tasks combinations, including Windows and Ubuntu Agents as well as Bash, Command Line, Azure Powershell, and Azure CLI tasks with the DevOps provided link to the Service Principal credentials. I’ve made sure to add them as Pipeline variables so that they are included in the tasks’ environmental variables and I’ve confirmed that they are there when the tasks run. I also make sure that the Azure CLI is installed and logged into with the subscription set. No matter what settings/permissions I tweak or new configurations I try, when the task runs successfully to the point where the serverless framework attempts the deployment it always tries to get me to use a browser to authenticate my account. This obviously defeats the purpose of a CI/CD pipeline and even if I do use a browser to authenticate, the process just hangs there.

The sample code and deployment works on my desktop, so I know the credentials work. I believe I’ve emulated each step I take on my desktop in the Build Pipeline, yet while my desktop deploys without browser authentication the build always requests it. Does anyone have experience in this manner and know what step/configuration I’m missing?

To look at the sample code and process look here or run these steps:

  1. serverless create -t azure-nodejs -p testApp

  2. cd .\testApp\

  3. Change Node Runtime and Region in serverless.yml (nodejs12.x not supported & no free tier in West US)

  4. serverless deploy

Here’s the link I used to get this working on my desktop: link