Local OpenWhisk cert error?

Trying out the examples for the plug in and they work great against Bluemix, but I’m getting a certificate error when running against a local OpenWhisk install:

Failed to deploy function (my_service2-dev-hello) due
to error: Error encountered calling OpenWhisk: Error:
self signed certificate

and I can duplicate it with the wsk CLI just trying a hello:

error: Unable to invoke action 'utils/echo': Post x509: cannot validate certificate for because it doesn't contain any IP SANs

I’m not finding anything on certs on the OpenWhisk project page anywhere, so I thought I’d try here. Has anybody else run into this?


I get the same self signed cert error when I vagrant ssh into my OpenWhisk box and install the serverless framework there, even after setting the environment variables as instructed. Unlike when I tried it before, the wsk command line works just fine here, though.

Anybody else run into this?

Hi I have got this error too. With the wsk the -i option solves it, but in this case not. I have seen a possibility (rest api) to send over this ignore option in the contractor for the deploy.

Did you solved the problem?

Nope, still seeing it. Misery loves company though 8)

The issue is accepted and will be part of the the release / update. See below the Github issue record with comment history.


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This has now been resolved with the 0.5 release of the plugin, please upgrade and try again.

Use the following configuration to support this.

    name: openwhisk
    ignore_certs: true
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I finally got a chance to validate this and it’s working great now, thanks so much.

I hope we get a chance to meet in Vegas, I get there Tuesday morning and hope to escape the show floor for a few OpenWhisk sessions.