Serverless-openwhisk : Way to enable insecure session for evaluation environment


I’m currently setting up serverless framework against a local openwhisk instance for testing/evaluation purposes. The instance is the default Vagrant installation of openwhisk.

Everything is working (connection and .wskprops are correct) , but except the serverless deploy - which looks like caused by the self-signed-certificate. For the wsk command you can bypass this with (-i option).

Is there a possibility in serverless or module to additionally send the insecure option ?

Error from deploying the boilerplate example code.

CANDYBOX:localess arnold$ serverless deploy -v

WARNING: You are running v1.7.0. v1.8.0 will include the following breaking changes:
- Will replace IamPolicyLambdaExecution resource with inline policies ->
- “sls info” will output the short function name rather than the lambda name ->

You can opt-out from these warnings by setting the “SLS_IGNORE_WARNING=*” environment variable.

Serverless: Packaging service…
Serverless: Compiling Functions…
Serverless: Compiling API Gateway definitions…
Serverless: Compiling Rules…
Serverless: Compiling Triggers & Feeds…
Serverless: Deploying Functions…

Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

 Failed to deploy function (localess-dev-hello_world)
 due to error: Error encountered calling OpenWhisk: Error:
 self signed certificate

Get Support --------------------------------------------

Your Environment Information -----------------------------
OS: darwin
Node Version: 6.10.0
Serverless Version: 1.7.0

The issue is accepted and will be part of the the release / update. See below the Github issue record with comment history.

This should now be resolved with the 0.5 release of the plugin.

Use the following configuration to support this.

    name: openwhisk
    ignore_certs: true
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Great news and excellent support !!! I will update towards the 0.5 version