API creation failure: Unable to configure the API Gateway: "Invalid URI \"undefined/tenants\

Getting this error since the last 2 days. Any suggestions where i am going wrong?

My Serverless.yml looks like this:

service: test
name: openwhisk
runtime: nodejs:default
overwrite: true
namespace: ‘agneetra10@gmail.com_My-Space’
ignore_certs: true

handler: handler.hello
runtime: nodejs:6
overwrite: true
namespace: ‘agneetra10@gmail.com_My-Space’
- http: GET /api/test/hello


  • serverless-openwhisk

From my openwhisk console I am getting an endpoint via which i am able to invoke my function. But on deploying via serverless framework I get the above HTTP 502 error on the console though my code gets deployed but no endpoints are created

Solved it by myself. Had to pass another parameter as OW_APIGW_ACCESS_TOKEN.

Nice to hear your problem is fixed, May I ask to reformat your original question with proper code format?