Unable to deploy API gateway

Hi All,

I am trying to run this simple Openwhisk ndoejs http-endpoint example from the Serverless examples repository.
When I run the command serverless delpoy, I am getting the following error regarding the failure of the deployment of the API gateway.

Warning: You're relying on provider "openwhisk" defined by a plugin which doesn't provide a validation schema for its config.
Please report the issue at its bug tracker linking: https://www.serverless.com/framework/docs/providers/aws/guide/plugins#extending-validation-schema
You may turn off this message with "configValidationMode: off" setting

Compiling Functions...
Compiling Packages...
Compiling API Gateway definitions...
Compiling Rules...
Compiling Triggers & Feeds...
Compiling Service Bindings...
Deploying Functions...
Deploying API Gateway definitions...
Environment: linux, node 16.15.1, framework 3.21.0, plugin 6.2.2, SDK 4.3.2
Docs:        docs.serverless.com
Support:     forum.serverless.com
Bugs:        github.com/serverless/serverless/issues

Failed to deploy API Gateway route due to error: POST Returned HTTP 502 (Bad Gateway) --> "API creation failure: Unable to configure the API Gateway (status code 400): {"status":400,"message":"Error: Resource path must begin with '/'."}"

I am running the example locally. I have built local Openwhisk using the command ./gradlew :core:standalone:build and I am starting Openwhisk using the command java -jar openwhisk-standalone.jar --api-gwas given here.
My serverless version is:

Framework Core: 3.21.0
Plugin: 6.2.2
SDK: 4.3.2

My Openwhisk commit hash is: 88156c3

What could be the reason behind this error? Any help would be greatly appreciated.