Is it possible to do VPC-link integration without lambda?

My idea is to build an endpoint in an aws api gateway and use vpc link, the problem is that I can make it work but I have to use a mock function to create the event, my idea was to see if it can’t be done do in a way that does not create a function for me

    name: test-Vpc-Link
    handler: src/functions/mock.handler # Seems like this is only needed to pass validation and never used
      - http:
          path: /test/vpclink
          method: get
          integration: http-proxy
          connectionType: vpc-link
          connectionId: 'xxxxxxx'
          cors: true
                proxy: true

If you use this mock handler, it try to create the lambda deploy (zip/upload/etc) or it act as a placeholder only?

With this code, it generates the endpoint in the api gateway specified with vpc link. The issue is that it generates a lambda function for me, yes or yes, it serves as a mock, my question is if everything can be generated without inserting a lambda function