Is it possible to do VPC-link integration ?


I use Serverless to create API’s on AWS, but I can only create method with “Lambda Function” integration type. There is a resource that I need to create myself because it use “vpc-link” integration type and the endpoint is an EB endpoint, so my function is not write in my serverless folder.

I would like to know if it was possible to write this ressource and methods in my serverless.yml

(Every methods are vpc-link integration)

I haven’t tried it personally, but it looks like they’ve added support for vpc-link integration recently.
Here’s a link to the Documentation

Hope it helps.

Thanks for your response, i will try it.

And I have same question but for http-proxy. I’ve already found things about that, but i would like to put query string like this in my request

And same for integration response

Thanks in advance