How to set up Amazon Mobile Hub Project w/ Pinpoint through the serverless framework (through the serverless.yml file)?

I have a task where I’m supposed to script in the set up of AWS resources through the serverless framework.

Essentially the task here is to take the serverless.yml file and input the necessary yml content in order to have serverless create a new mobile hub project with pinpoint set up as soon as the script is deployed.

As I understand right now, I need to use the cloud formation templates to generate these resources. I’ve found and understood how to set up an s3 bucket, kinesis, etc and have tested them.

However, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to set up a Mobile Hub Project through here and set up Analytics. Does anyone have any idea on how I can do this through serverless?

Edit: To add to the above, I looked through AWS CloudFormation template on the AWS console and there is no template for AWS mobile hub or pinpoint…how do I go about getting this done?

Mobile Hub will probably never have CloudFormation support. They’re designed for different audiences and anyone using CloudFormation will generally use it to setup all of the resources.

PinPoint currently doesn’t have CloudFormation support and the only way to create a new PinPoint app is using Mobile Hub in the AWS console or the API. Other people have asked for CloudFormation support and I’m sure it will come one day. Until then you might be able to create a custom resource for CloudFormation.