SNS Mobile Push Notifications

Hello folks, I can’t seem to find any documentation or past discussions on how can I create a platform application for SNS Mobile push notifications. I did found some code examples online about how to create a topic, subscribe a lambda function to it and publishing the message - but this is not very useful in my use case since I want to send the message to a specific mobile endpoint (or device) only. Can you please point me on the right direction on how to proceed further?

AWS SNS (Mobile Push) doc:
Serverless SNS code examples:

Code example for lambda mobile push but not using serverless:

Looks like it is not possible to write a cloud formation template for SNS Platform Application currently so that’s why it is not supported in serverless.

Looks like I have to manually create the application which is kind of a bummer, as I was pretty enthusiastic with deploying everything in just a single command.

It doesn’t really help you but I can confirm we had to create the platform application manually (once for each platform) then we could deploy everything else with Serverless.

Thank you for sharing! I had to do the same and it seems to work so far :slight_smile: