Use serverless without lambda function

Hi, is there any way to use serverless without configuration for lambda function. I try to create serveless.yml without functions attribute and some of the attributes have not been created inside final cloudformation file (APIGatewayDeployment, ApiGatewayRestApi, …). I use mainly resources attributes in serverless.yml.

@themyth92 You can use Serverless without any Lambda functions, and it’s a pattern we see a lot with people to provision infrastructure that may be more permanent than a particular service.

Are you defining APIGatewayDeployment and ApiGatewayRestApi in your stack? Right now, Serverless will only provision those if you have a Lambda function with an http event hooked up to it. If you don’t have those, you’ll have to write the CloudFormation yourself in the resources section.


Ok, really appreciate your response :slight_smile: