How to redirect logs having 1 subscription log group limit and Serverless Pro Framework

Hi everybody,

In our company we’ve been working with Serverless products for some time and haven’t found a solution for how to overcome the limitation of 1 subscription log group limit in Cloudwatch (Subscription filters - 1 per log group. This quota can’t be changed).

From documentation you can say Serverless is creating automatically a subscription for each lambda log group even API logs, that’s perfect until you face the only place where you can consult your raw logs is Cloudwatch cause you cannot redirect your logs via Lambda.

In the past before using Serverless Enterprise Framework or Serverless Pro Framework there was a plugin serverless-es-logs you could use to redirect logs to AWS ES (better place to consult raw logs than Cloudwatch), although there’s also no solution for other ES clusters such as ESCloud or OnPremise, but that may be another question.
The important part there is, that plugin used as Serverless the LogGroup subscription. How to deal with these problems, all related to Subscription LogGroup limit in order to visualize raw logs if you use already something that consumes that LogGrop limit?

P.S. We have even tried to contact AWS in order to increase that limit but it is way too tedious as they are saying it´s not something they expect to be doing for everybody.