Error Setting up Enterprise

I am trying to set up Serverless Enterprise however I receive the following error:
An error occurred: CloudWatchLogsSubscriptionFilterAccountsLogGroup - Resource limit exceeded. (Service: AWSLogs; Status Code: 400; Error Code: LimitExceededException; Request ID: ).

Works fine when not connected to Enterprise, any ideas?

I am facing the same problem. My app is composed of multiple services and I am able to deploy successfully on one service but I can’t deploy for the other services.

Do you find any solution on that? AFAIK there is a limit on subscription group [1 and can’t be changes] listed here:

After some digging I end up in this page: which states that the serverless version required should be >= 1.45. This would make sense as I am able to deploy correctly services that have been created after the version 1.45. Ok then now is there a way to redeploy the existing old services without having to remove them and recreate them?

Removing a service is not an option as it will wipe the associated data [dynamo].


After being in touch with the serverless support they suggested me to look if there was any subscription to the cloudwatch logs.

Indeed there was, so I removed them and redeployed and all went smooth.

So in case you have issues, check if there are subscriptions in the cloudwatch/logs page in AWS.