AWS Provider fails if 2 or more CloudWatchLog events listed

I have a config that lists two different events

    handler: handler.logger
      - cloudwatchLog:
          logGroup: '/aws/lambda/yada-${self:provider.stage}-dummy'
          filter: 'REPORT'
      - cloudwatchLog:
          logGroup: '/aws/lambda/yada-${self:provider.stage}-dummy2'
          filter: 'REPORT'

It creates 2 SubscriptionFilter objects

functionnameLogsSubscriptionFilterCloudWatchLog AWS::Logs::SubscriptionFilter
functionnameLogsSubscriptionFilterCloudWatchLog2 AWS::Logs::SubscriptionFilter

but only one Permission object
functionnameLambdaPermissionLogsSubscriptionFilterCloudWatchLog AWS::Lambda::Permission

which only includes the loggroup from the first subscription filter

as such the CFN template fails with

Could not execute the lambda function. Make sure you have given CloudWatch Logs permission to execute your function. (Service: AWSLogs; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidParameterException; Request ID: 0b096e01-87d2-11e9-b52a-59a1410a5e04)

I have confirmed I’m running serverless@1.44.1

I have the same issue and am running serverless@2.2.0.

Could you resolve this or find a workaround? The only workaround I can think of is using a separate lambda function for each log group. Are there plans to fix this?