How to delete the CloudFormation stack

Hi All,

I deployed my first SLS aws lambda project successfully, which created the 2 S3 buckets automatically. 1 for deploying the lambda jar and another needed for Lambda function.

Step 1.

sls remove

Which deleted only the S3 bucket where lambda jar was deployed. Other S3 bucket had data in it so SLS was not able to delete it.

Step 2.
I deleted the left over S3 bucket manually from AWS console.

Step 3. After Making code changes I tried to redeploy

sls deploy -v
Serverless Error ---------------------------------------
The serverless deployment bucket “vdstmtgenerator-dev-serverlessdeploymentbucket-cpds32bhwgq7” does not exist. Create it manually if you want to reuse the CloudFormation stack “vdStmtGenerator-dev”, or delete the stack if it is no longer required.

I understand from the error SLS is trying to find “vdstmtgenerator-dev-serverlessdeploymentbucket-cpds32bhwgq7” S3 bucket which is not there in AWS.

How can I delete “vdStmtGenerator-dev” CloudFormation stack.

I didn’t realize I had to delete it on the aws console :smile:

It can be deleted from here