CloudFormation::Stack is deleted right after it is created

Hi There,

I’m having a problem deploying my serverless application.

When I try to deploy my application, serverless framework delete CloudFormation Stack right after it is created.

Below are the logs from the terminal.

CloudFormation - CREATE_IN_PROGRESS - AWS::CloudFormation::Stack - readingn-production-game-api-stack
CloudFormation - DELETE_IN_PROGRESS - AWS::CloudFormation::Stack - readingn-production-game-api-stack
CloudFormation - DELETE_COMPLETE - AWS::CloudFormation::Stack - readingn-production-game-api-stack
Serverless: Stack create finished...
 Serverless Error ----------------------------------------
  Stack with id readingn-production-game-api-stack does not exist

This application is successfully deployed with readingn-stage-game-api-stack but it continuously failed to deploy with readingn-production-game-api-stack and orc-stage-game-api-stack.

Let me know what was the problem.

My environment information ---------------------------:

     Operating System:          darwin
     Node Version:              14.17.1
     Framework Version:         2.72.1 (local)
     Plugin Version:            5.5.4
     SDK Version:               4.3.2
     Components Version:        3.18.2


You’ve probably already found your solution, but for everyone else check CloudFormation in aws for the error details. You will need to select ‘Deleted’ stacks