How can I contribute to one of your plugins

I created PR to serverless-apigateway-service-proxy

  • who can approve and merge it?
  • is there a way to create a pre-release version that I can work with it in the meantime?

In addition I found a way to solve images rendering on browser when it’s served from API Gateway - binaryMediaTypes need to be set with */*
and this can be achieved in serverless by adding

    binaryMediaTypes: "*/*"
  • how can I add my findings to the serverless-apigateway-service-proxy how-to page in

This appears to be a third party plugin. You should contact the plugin owner directly.

thanks for your response!

what about updating the how-to page that on serverless website?

It looks like that page is just a copy of the README file from the Github repo you mentioned. Maybe try submitting a PR to update that?

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Thanks for checking this. this is a good idea - I’ll update their README