Remote custom authorizers with serverless-offline

if i have lambda function with api gateway that i want to use custom authorizer… and also use serverless-offline… what is my best approach?

  1. pull request to serverless-offline and do it myself?
  2. write a script to clone in my custom authorizers so they can be accessed locally in my project?
  3. turn off custom authorizers when im in dev

any advise would be appreciated.

im on serverless 0.5… would be willing to upgrade if needed

Not sure about your serverless-offline part, although doing a PR and improving the plugin is a good idea - because you can share the benefits with others - even if it is a bit more work.

I would strongly recommend you upgrade to v1, as v0.5 is no longer maintained, and plugin support for it will dwindle.

some of the plugins i use… meta-sync, autoprune don’t have a v1 counterpart :frowning: .

i forgot that’s why i halted the upgrade

Ah. Unfortunately that’s not too surprising - I’ve felt that pain myself. That being said, plugin support is only going to head in one direction…