DynamoDB Backups

How are people handling Backups?

After some goolging i saw a mess of results,

https://medium.com/@SkyscannerCodevoyagers/backing-up-an-amazon-web-services-dynamodb-889d4787d291 was an interesting read particularly its cartoon which personifies Data Pipeline / EMR.

What would the “Serverless” way of doing this be?

I haven’t tried it but you might be able to use DynamoDB streams for cross region replication.

I just manually created a datapipeline / emr in production. Its a one time setup and then you’re done and I didn’t need it in non-production so it wasn’t worth automating.

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We recently released a Serverless Plugin for automated DynamoDB backups:

It basically automate the lifecycle of “On Demand” backups.

Here is a screenshot of the backups made through the plugin:

I had configured a backup every 5mn at first, then changed it to do one per day.
This is our very first SLS plugin and we hope you’ll like it!