Example of DynamoDB streams

Hello experts,

I am looking for a example of serverless.yml file that define a dynamoDB table and also stream…

I was able to user the plugin stream local and create a lambda to receive this events. But I am trying deploy it to AWS, I’ve got error regarding this implementation.

Is there any real and functional example that you could share with me ?

Thanks in advanced

Hi, please see below directly copied from our yaml file, let me know if you have any further questions (tab formatting is broken due to the wysiwyg editor, but after every attribute add a tab in the below line as per serverless.yml syntax)

handler: api/savingsrate.savingsRateTrigger
- stream:
arn: arn:aws:dynamodb:::table/savingsrateunique-dev/stream/2020-xx-xxTxx:xx:xx.xxx
batchSize: 100
maximumRetryAttempts: 10
startingPosition: LATEST
enabled: true

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