New – Amazon DynamoDB Continuous Backups and Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR)

AWS announced the new feature to backup dynamoDB easily on 26th March 2018

New – Amazon DynamoDB Continuous Backups and Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR)

Gathering the details on how to enable both features (Point-in-time Recovery and On-Demand backup) in serverless framework.

if you already did something, please share.


Seems currently there is no way to enable/disable point-in-time recovery setting with AWS Cli or API:

You must manually set up the following on the restored table:

Auto scaling policies
IAM policies
Cloudwatch metrics and alarms
Stream settings
Time to Live (TTL) settings
Point in time recovery settings .   <====

I setup this yesterday.

I initially had my DynamoDB tables in Paris eu-west-3 region, but it turned out that this region doesn’t get any of the fancy backup abilities.

Especially the Point-in-Time, which is automated and fully managed by AWS.

I therefore migrated all my tables to Ireland eu-west-1 region, which supports the same features as those in us, and is the cheapest in europe.

I haven’t had the “pleasure” to use it yet :wink:

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For those looking, there is a way to automate it now:


Yes, it works now.

Since Dynamodb is resource in SLS, we can directly use Cloudformation codes in serverless.yml.

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    Type: AWS::DynamoDB::Table
      TableName: <table_name>
        PointInTimeRecoveryEnabled: true
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great! so useful. thanks!