Deployment not respecting "runtime: nodejs14.x" when creating "projectname-stage-custom-resource-existing-cup"

Hi all

First: I’d like to understand which service is creating this Lambda function “projectname-stage-custom-resource-existing-cup”. I’ve not seen it in the documentation that I read.

Second: I was using Serverless v2.72. My serverless.yml was/still set to use nodejs.14x this “projectname-stage-custom-resource-existing-cup” was deployed to AWS using nodejs.12x, which is causing errors today as AWS no longer allows nodejs.12x deployments. It took a while to realise that I needed to update Serverless. I’m now using v3.33. This function “projectname-stage-custom-resource-existing-cup” now uses nodejs.16x. In both scenarios, the deployment does not respect my “runtime” settings.

Am I missing something to respect the NodeJs runtime version?