I was upgrade my nodejs runtime from 12.x to 16.x but custom resource doesn't update too

The custom resource lambda (-custom-resource-apigw-cw-role) and (-custom-resource-existing-s3) created automatically via serverless has a hardcoded runtime of “nodejs12.x”
How to upgrade this custom resource lambda?

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Try to upgrade to serverless version v3 as the default node version up to v3 was nodejs12 and after v3 is node14, as it doesn’t look like it picked version from a provider.runtime.
At least for custom-resource-existing-s3 I think I saw it like that. Not able to verify it now, but I remember I noticed this custom resource cloudformation template, when added existing: true had a different runtime version based only on changes in the serverless version (after bump it up to v3 it showed node14 and any bellow was node12 although my provider.runtime was set to node14 all the time).
Would like to find out more as it wasn’t documented.

UPDATE: Actually I found it now in upgrading v3 page that the default runtime is changed, so this explains it all.

Anyway, I’d like to have a control over this version as well as :expressionless: