CI/CD Issue for Node 18.x Runtime

I am having an issue with the nodejs 18.x runtime in CI/CD.

Despite specifying the Node 18.x in my serverless.yml:

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs18.x

I am seeing Node 12.x selected in the build:

Build started at Thu Jan 19 2023 17:29:28 GMT+0000 (GMT)

> node --version


Specifying Node 16 in serverless.yml yields the correct build environment, so I am a bit confused.

Any ideas what might be happening?


I am facing the same issue, I have to deploy using 18.x because one of the packages I use needs it. Is there any solution?

Same issue for me too.

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Since serverless framework lacks support for Nodejs18.x and aws-sdk-v3 so I created a topic on it as below. Please support it