Custom creation templates


I am looking for information to create custom templates. I currently use the aws-java-maven template but I would like to extend that so I can have all of the dependencies and settings already setup for our development team. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Hi @wnofer! You can use the sls install command for this. It takes in the URL of a GitHub repo as an argument. It will use the zip from that repo as a template to start a new project.


$ sls install -url --name my-new-service


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Perfect! Thank you for your fast response


We host our own private GitLab server. Is there a way to use GitLab instead of GitHub? I currently get the folloing response when trying a repro from our server:

Thanks for the help

@wnofer Right now, it’s tied to Github. There is a PR in progress that will update the sls create command to take in a URL as well. That only supports GitHub or Bitbucket, but I think we could add GitLab fairly easily.


Has this PR not yet been merged? I can’t seem to install from BitBucket and the documentation does not reflect that its possible either.