Internal template/snippets system

Hi all,

is there any kind of an internal template system, which I can use to create templates and configure them when they get referenced in serverless.yml?

Something like

    name: MyFunction
      - ${template:myEvent(name="Event_1", rate="cron(0 * * * * *)", input.repos="[repo1, repo2]")}

Somewhere else the template could be defined like:

    name: <placeholder/default>
    enabled: True
    rate: <placeholder/default>
      service: git
       - my_repo_placeholders

So the template contains fix and changeable data.

I know I can load variables via ${self:custom.var1}, but this is somehow static and allows me to have the data somewhere else only.

My use case:
I have a single Lambda function, which calculates stuff for a given git repository.
This calculation is triggered by an event and the event sets the repo-location via input.

But I have 50 repos and therefore I need for each repo one unique event (each with different input data).
So I end up having 50 event definitions.
For the event, only the input-url/repo changes, everything else stays the same: desc, rate, enabled, other input.

Right now I have a huge event.yml file, which has 50 events defined, which all look very similar (except the repo url). So >99% of written data are duplicates.

Any ideas how to solve this in a smarter way?