Clojure Template?

I see there’s a Scala template, so I assume it wouldn’t be too difficult to create a template for Clojure. Anyone know if there’s any prior art on this?


The place to look would be on the GitHub project page.

Not sure I understand… I’m asking because I saw this in the AWS user guide:

Here are the available runtimes for AWS Lambda:

  • aws-nodejs
  • aws-python
  • aws-groovy-gradle
  • aws-java-gradle
  • aws-java-maven
  • aws-scala-sbt
  • aws-csharp

…which is in the GitHub repo…?

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear.

Because you’re interested in the (boilerplate) code, the best place to look is on Serverless project on GitHub as not everyone who’s active on the project frequents the forums.

A quick search of the GitHub issues/PRs on the project doesn’t show any hits, so I think it’s safe to assume it doesn’t exist.

A wider search of “serverless clojure” on GitHub shows some more interesting results, including This still means there’s room for an included template though.


Great, that’s very clear, thanks!