Java docs and examples?

Hi, I’m experienced with Lambda but not particularly familiar with the framework. A few co-workers of mine are happy with it for JavaScript functions, so I’m interested in using it to deploy/manage some Java functions. Maybe I’m missing something, but I couldn’t find much in the docs nor in the examples on using the framework for Java functions… so… am I missing something? Or… is maybe this framework not a good fit for Java?

If this is too vague, I can elaborate a bit: it’s just unclear to me where the Java code/classes/jars would go in a project’s directory structure, and how to kick off a deployment that would properly build and/or deploy those artifacts.

Thank you!

Serverless comes with templates for Java:

There’s also an example:

And last but not least I am the author of the framework JRestless that allows you to use JAX-RS on AWS Lambda - it can be used together with the serverless framework. You can find examples on how to use JRestless here:

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Perfect, thank you!

PS maybe the docs should be tweaked to make this stuff easier to find.