CRM development on Serverless

I am looking forward to converting a CRM from Laravel on EC2 with RDS/Aurora MySQL to Lambda + Same Database with the frontend app handled in ReactJS or ReactNative later. In future, we’ll be using it as a SaaS application, and will see if we can configure it for different tenants on AWS itself.

Is it going to be the right architecture for a CRM?
It consists of customers, lead-generation, managers, supervisors, administrators and team roles with some common and other distinct functions for each role.

Anybody who can help build it is welcome to join the team.

I have little bit knowledge about CRM development But not expert in it.

The goal of CRM development services is to utilise customer data effectively and fully while developing tools for managing the customer experience across many touchpoints. Sales. aids in the best time management, lead prioritisation, and daily schedule organisation for your sales staff to continually provide excellent sales performance.