Can't load lambda function on the AWS using deploy comand

I’m taking my first steps using official documentation. And I get stuck with deploying to aws

y700@jekson:~/projects/awstest/numpy-test$ serverless deploy
Serverless: Packaging service...
Serverless: Excluding development dependencies...
Serverless: Injecting required Python packages to package...

  Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

  User: arn:aws:iam::6644331164204:user/lifeline-s3 is not authorized to perform: cloudformation:DescribeStacks on resource: arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-1:6644331164204:stack/numpy-test-dev/*

  Get Support --------------------------------------------

  Your Environment Information ---------------------------
     Operating System:          linux
     Node Version:              8.10.0
     Framework Version:         1.58.0
     Plugin Version:            3.2.5
     SDK Version:               2.2.1
     Components Core Version:   1.1.2
     Components CLI Version:    1.4.0

In an AWS account, I created a user with name serverless with AdministratorAccess permission and make him serwerless framework default user ( serverless config credentials )

But it’s strange that in traceback writing user/lifeline-s3 and I cant understand where this user came from.