Finding necessary AWS permissions

Hi -

I’m doing a deploy of Serverless lambda with python. When I run it with my superuser account (frowned upon by my company) I have no issues deploying.

When I try to use a limited permission account, and slowly add the permissions it needs, I do not get the info I need to be able to add correct permissions.

Here is the output I get. I would really love to know what attempted access caused the error so I can fix it. Giving blanket super-wide permissions is a non-starter.

Serverless: Packaging service…
Serverless: Excluding development dependencies…
Serverless: Injecting required Python packages to package…

Serverless Error ---------------------------------------


Get Support --------------------------------------------
Your Environment Information ---------------------------
Operating System: darwin
Node Version: 14.4.0
Framework Version: 2.23.0 (standalone)
Plugin Version: 4.4.2
SDK Version: 2.3.2
Components Version: 3.6.2