Serverless permission denied details?

I have a build failing with an Access Denied error.

  1. Is there anyway to get any details here? Based on some sleuthing this seems to likely be lacking S3 permission for the bucket to be created? Are there any plans to add logging here? This is not the first instance of this

  2. I note that a bucket has been created with a truncated name. Is there a 24 character limit here? I don’t see it documented. That would potentially explain this issue. This appears to have broken our permissions model with “*” permissions since the lambda name got trucated.

    • set SLS_DEBUG=1

    • ./node_modules/.bin/serverless deploy --verbose --stage dev

      Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

      Access Denied

I am trying to get a Jenkins server in the root account of an organization to be able to push a serverless application (nodejs using serverless framework) to a new development account. I have setup a JenkinsAccessRole that has a trust relationship with the main 9Apps Showbox Tutuapp account.