S3 permission error when creating a new stack

When trying to deploy a new lambda, the lambda is not being created with permission to access the S3 bucket containing its code, so the CloudFormation stack creation fails.

✖ Stack SlackAssistant-dev failed to deploy (93s)
Environment: darwin, node 20.1.0, framework 3.32.2 (local), plugin 6.2.3, SDK 4.3.2
Credentials: Local, "<aws-profile>" profile
Docs:        docs.serverless.com
Support:     forum.serverless.com
Bugs:        github.com/serverless/serverless/issues

CREATE_FAILED: SlackAssistantLambdaFunction (AWS::Lambda::Function)
Resource handler returned message: "Your access has been denied by S3, please make sure your request credentials have permission to GetObject for slackassistant-dev-serverlessdeploymentbucket-<salt>/serverless/SlackAssistant/dev/<ts>/SlackAssistant.zip. S3 Error Code: AccessDenied. S3 Error Message: Access Denied (Service: Lambda, Status Code: 403, Request ID: <id>)" (RequestToken: <token>, HandlerErrorCode: AccessDenied)

Here is the link to the serverless.yml file: slack-assistant/serverless.yml at a526d1345d1468f4ad1b5522c51544fb98e8148f · joeledwards/slack-assistant · GitHub

I expected that serverless would automatically give the Lambda the necessary permissions on the bucket. Perhaps there is some confusion with how resources are being named.