Cannot tsc on template "aws-nodejs-typescript"

Steps to reproduce:
sls create -t aws-nodejs-typescript some-folder
cd some-folder
npm -i

Expected result:

Real result:
node_modules/@serverless/typescript/index.d.ts:1286:7 - error TS2411: Property ‘“Fn::Transform”’ of type ‘{ Name: string; Parameters?: { [k: string]: unknown; }; }’ is not assignable to ‘string’ index type ‘{ Type: string; Properties?: { [k: string]: unknown; }; CreationPolicy?: { [k: string]: unknown; }; DeletionPolicy?: string; DependsOn?: AwsResourceDependsOn; Metadata?: { [k: string]: unknown; }; UpdatePolicy?: { …; }; UpdateReplacePolicy?: string; Condition?: string; }’

Temp solution:
Open the node_modules/@serverless/typescript/index.d.ts file and delete
“Fn::Transform”?: {
Name: string;
Parameters?: {
[k: string]: unknown;