Serverless aws-nodejs-typescript

Hey there, I’m just dipping my toes into serverless as a prototype for a project at work. I’ve come into a Node.js shop from a C# background so I’m a huge typescript fan. Therefore I started with the aws-nodejs-typescript template. I’m just trying to deploy the scaffold project that the serverless create generates so I can see everything work end to end before I start coding. However I’m getting an error that says serverless-webpack is having a problem because it can’t find the module webpack. But that is defined in my package.json, any thoughts?

@piersmacdonald Did you run npm install from the folder that contains the package.json? If you have you should see a node_modules folder. If not then run npm install before sls deploy.

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Yes, that was it.

Sorry about that. As I mentioned, I’m from a .NET background where deploys trigger a build and builds trigger a package install. This isn’t the first time I’ve forgot to do those independently. I’ll catch on.

Thanks @buggy !

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