Azure function GET endpoint

Hello, I am looking into Azure functions and have setup the hello function, this triggers and is working fine.
But I am not able to get the function info, so that to get the trigger url - this is available from the Azure dashboard.

sls info

does not return anything. what am i missing?

any advice is much appreciated

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Hello - I’m bumping this because it seems like a hole in the feature set (having nothing really to do with Azure, it applies to all platforms):

how to extract the endpoints and other info after deployments in machine readable format seems important.

Currently I’m piping ‘info’ through some javascript code to extract the ServiceEndpoint information.


@victor-stone Why do you want to extract the API endpoint? I’m not sure about Azure but there are ways to get it for AWS depending on what you want to do with it.

I embed it into a generated client SDK class.

That one I don’t have an off the shelf solution for. You could put in a feature request over at the Github repo or build a custom plugin that just returns the endpoint.

ok, thanks for confirming - I looked at forking the Info plugin but I don’t have the time right now