Azure function eventhub serverless.yml


I’m just learning using serverless framework. I understand azure is just recently supported by the serverless framework. But I’m hoping someone can pin point me to the right direction.

I’m currently trying to setup and run the azure function trigger by the eventhub. After reading the readme file and documentation, i’m still trying to figure out how to configure the serverless.yml for the azure eventhub type.

I managed to configure the serverless.yml and generate the function.json
//partial of serverless.yml

    handler: src/handlers/dummy_shows.main
      - eventHub: true
        name: event # Specifies which name it's available on `context`
        eventHubName: raw # Specifies the Name of the Event Hub
        consumerGroup: $Default # Specifies the consumerGroup to listen with
        connection: EventHubsConnection 
        dataType: binary
        cardinality: many


  "disabled": false,
  "bindings": [
      "type": "eventHubTrigger",
      "direction": "in",
      "name": "event",
      "eventHubName": "raw",
      "consumerGroup": "$Default",
      "connection": "EventHubsConnection"
  "entryPoint": "main",
  "scriptFile": "../src/handlers/"

I couldn’t get cardinality parameter generated into my function.json file even i added into the serverless.yml. How can i do that? anyone can help me?

Many thanks in advance.