AWS AppSync pricing



Hello everyone.
I am about to build an application that should use a Serverless architecture with real-time feature (for an instant messaging module)
In order to assure scalabality, I want to use either AWS lambda or AWS AppSync, and I am more inclined to AppSync regarding its native support of GraphQL
The main question that I want to ask you guys is related to the pricing of AppSync: Since AWS Lambda costs $0.2/1M requests, and AWS AppSync costs $4/1M Query (, does that mean that AppSync is 20 time more expensive than Lambda?
I know that there is more input parameters than just the number of requests or queries to decide what is the monthly price, but I just want to have a big picture before engaging any development.
I posted the question to Quora ( but there is no answer yet.
Thank you for your time!


Thats a great question. The AppSync stuff is so new, that I’m finding a lot of people are trying to figure out some of the same questions. I recommended your question Quora.


For most people AppSync will replace the API Gateway in their stack. AppSync is charged at $4/million while the API Gateway is charged at $3.50/million. In both cases Lambda charges are in addition. As GraphQL is designed to reduce the number of requests you make to your API I suspect it still works out cheaper even with the slightly higher cost.