Appsync or Apollo for GraphQL based real time chat app

I am evaluating best option to develop a real-time chat application back-end using Serverles framework with GraphQL and my front-end is Angular. My doubt is if I should use Appsynce or Apollo. My concerns are with Appsync is how to handle the security through Serverless application. I know that Appsynce security can be handled through Cognito. In fact, I am planing to develop a Cognito based Auth service in order to authorise API end-point using Lambda authoriser. How do I use my Auth service to authorise Chat application endpoints through Serverless framework if I use Appsynce ? What are the other limitations with Appsync compared to Apollo?

If I use Apollo to develop chat application end-points, will that be easier than Appsync and do I have more controls over my end-points? How to handle GraphQL endpoint security through my Cognito based Auth service with Serverless framework if I use Apollo?

What should I consider from front-end perspectives in order to chose Appsync or Apollo?

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