Zombie of 1.27.3 - can't uninstall

I’ve got an installation of 1.27.3 that’s damaged (my fault) and I can’t uninstall. npm folks haven’t a clue
Has anyone experienced this? How to clean up?

(xenial)les@localhost:~ sls -version 1.27.3 (xenial)les@localhost:~ sudo npm uninstall -g serverless
removed 351 packages in 3.528s
(xenial)les@localhost:~ sls -version 1.27.3 (xenial)les@localhost:~

  1. Try sudo npm uninstall -g serverless
  2. Try npm uninstall -g serverless
  3. Use echo $PATH to print your PATH environment variable to find where serverless is installed. You may also be able to do this with where serverless or whereis serverless. From this you can figure out where the libs are. Remove sls and serverless from the bin folder and serverless from the libs.


Thanks very much! I’ve done 1,2 - I can do 3 - now that I know how where to look

Thanks! Found all the bits and pieces - scattered all over hell-and-gone by npm

The issues came from developing python3 in a pipenv and having sls installed global

How should I install serverless - global or in the venv?