Wordings in the documentation


This is regarding the documentation for configuring VPC’s for Lambda Functions: https://www.serverless.com/framework/docs/providers/aws/guide/functions#vpc-configuration

It says:

“This object should contain the securityGroupIds and subnetIds array properties needed to construct VPC for this function.”

Does the word “construct” mean that Serverless will create a VPC and connect to the Lambda, or does this mean creating only the connection between the function and an exisisting VPC?

We use Terraform with Serverless, and the infrastructure is already built by Terraform. Therefore we want to make sure that Serverless doesn’t do anything to the infrastructure other than connect to.

If it doesn’t create the VPC, it might be helpful to change the wording to clarify what it does. The use of “construct” in this context got us confused to what is actually happening during deploy.