Windows 10 package/deploy errors

Loving the framework thus far, but I’ve ran into a wall. Created a project, did some work on it. Diddn’t touch it for a week, now wish to deploy an update and I get greeted by these two errors:

  1. EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir ‘D:\GIT\\node_modules’

  2. EEXIST: file already exists, symlink ‘D:\GIT\share\node_modules’ -> ‘D:\GIT\\node_modules’

Get the first if I delete .build, get the second if I don’t. Running the commands from an admin CMD. Tried updating the framework, clearing node modules, but nothing worked.

windows 10 - 17134.48
npm - 6.1.0
node - 8.11.1

Has anyone experienced the same?


I am also face the same issue
Node Version: 8.9.4
Serverless Version: 1.27.3

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got the same issue. Does anyone know the solution ?

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The solution can be found here:

Another option is to use Ubuntu on windows, which I personally used till this fixed appeared.