Sls offline "Runtime nodejs12.x is not supported"

On Windows 10 I had nodejs 12 installed and Serverless Framework 1.61 and when I ran “sls offline” I got the error message “Runtime nodejs12.x is not supported”. I installed nodejs 10.15.2 but Serverless Framework is still giving me the error “Runtime nodejs12.x is not supported”
Annotation 2020-01-14 141615

I uninstalled Serverless Framework and nodejs and re-installed both but stuck with this error. Any ideas on how to fix this

I use the serverless offline package with Node12 just fine. Make sure you have the updated version of that package, which currently is 5.12.1

Thanks for the info as it indirectly led me to get it working.

As I installed Serverless Framework for the first time yesterday I assume all the packages should be the latest. Anyway I ran “npm install serverless-offline --save-dev” and still got the same error.

Then I opened serverless.yml to edit it like it says in the link you provided and I noticed in that .yml file that there was a line “runtime: nodejs12.x”. Its a new project that was created after node12 was removed and nodejs10 installed so I don’t know where Serverless Framework is picking up that 12 version. Anyway, I changed that line to “runtime: nodejs10.x” and sls offline works now.

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